Carthaun was formed at Rostock in 2000. Despite many strains and changes of members, it is since then that Carthaun plays traditional black metal,
performing mainly German lyrics derived from more or less famous writers of past and present times. 

For booking, trading or other requests please contact Carthaun via Email.

Next Live Dates:

04.03.2016 - Jugendhaus Stammheim, Stuttgart
05.03.2016 - Bogaloo, Pfarrkirchen with Exhate, Notorius and Nemesis Sopor
10.06.2016 - Rhein in Blood, Köln with Kapala, Streams of Blood, Battlesword
04.11.2016 - tba
05.11.2016 -  Kopf und Kragen, Fürth, with Freitod,  Infesting Swarm und Deadwood
19.11.2016 - Oer Erkenschwik
09.12.2016 - tba
10.12.2016 - Dresden